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worldstarhiphopOne of the best places that the hip hop fans can get the latest information on hip hop is worldstarhiphop. This is a website that was designed to provide the hip hop fans with all the latest on the videos, music and even the entertainment for the urban communities. The site is comprehensive and offers the latest on the hip hop news, music, videos and anything that is related to hip hop. Currently, the site has over half a million fans with over 80% being the American citizens. It is site that is ranked the top 5,000 sites in the world with the main focus being the urban community.

Since music videos seem to one of the greatest attraction to many hi hop fans, worldstarhiphop offers a variety of them. It has over 40 pages of music videos that one can look through. The site has a database where one can find the music of choice as well as membership to allow one to learn more about hip hop. The members can easily search the database using the name of the video or the name of a particular artist. It is possible to chat and make new friend on the website with much ease. The site should not be viewed by minors as it has some explicit content of nude videos.

While the worldstarhiphop has a membership for the hip hop fans, it seems to have no link for joining. The text that talks on the membership of the group does not give the direction on what to click in order to join. If you are an avid hip hop fan, world star hip hop website should be a number one choice!