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pediatric nursePediatric nurses play a significant role in medical field and they also needs to be comprised with better careers. The pediatric nurse salary should be according to their tasks, responsibilities and duties. However, there is a great disparity among the salaries of pediatric nurses in different parts of the world. The disparity is based on various crucial aspects. There are many pediatric nurses who are unable to get a better salary even having greater experience and expertise as nurses. Similarly, there are many others who are able to attain a better salary as compared to the experienced ones because of the difference of job locations.

The pediatric nurse salary is primary determined by location and experience. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing and just a Bachelors nursing degree might also have different impact on the salary. Similarly, a pediatric nurse working in a hospital might be having better chances to excel her career and earn more as compared to another working in private clinic. There is a massive disparity of the average pediatric nurse salary in different states as well. There are a few states where one can easily earn somewhere around $80,000 per year.

Similarly, it might be a bit hard for an individual to cross $50,000 per year in another state. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and critical care certification can also play a vital role in enhancing the salary of a pediatric nurse. One having those certifications and a better experience as pediatric nurse can surely attain better salary. However, Advanced Cardiac Support certification can also be considered as a great option to enhance the salary to a certain extent. If you are working at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or you are a delivery and birth specialist then you can surely get a higher salary.