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Registered nurse salaryNurse practitioner salary is higher than that of a registered nurse. The point is that though nurse practitioners may not be authorized to perform the same duties as doctors, their training places them in the second most position to doctors in that they can carry out certain duties on the directions of the doctors. In fact, most nurse practitioners are present when surgeons are carrying out operations and their duties are more than those of registered nurses thus making the average nurse practitioner salary higher.

When you undergo the minimum certifications as a nurse, you can only qualify to be called a registered nurse, however, when you further your education by taking masters or bachelor’s degrees on the same guarantees that you get to be called a nurse practitioner. The basic salary of a nurse practitioner can start from about $70,000 although this can be different depending on the state at which you are practicing from in the US. It has been reported that nurse practitioners can even earn up to $90,000. Because of experience, nurse practitioners are always exposed to different medical environments allowing them to get acquainted with various conditions and methods to treat them. This is why they are considered valuable in the medical arena while at the same time doubling their earnings.

The higher experience you get, the higher are the chances of earning more money. For example, it has been reported that nurses new in this field can earn about $61,000 per year while those with up to ten years of experience could hit the $80,000 mark. In addition, nurses who have enhanced their careers by taking additional training stand a chance of earning more registered nurse salary than those on the basic timeline. Therefore, the trick of earning more money in the nurse practitioner career is simply to increase your knowledge and experience.