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Male Enhancement Side Effects

A lot of magazines and internet promotional websites market male enhancement drugs and supplements as having no side effects but this information is falsified in most cases. The marketers and advertisers focus on the so called benefits of each product and neglect the side effects. Unfortunately, this is how a lot of substandard and hazardous drugs find their way into our homes. These drugs often create temporary enhancement and long term problems. The problems caused by bad quality male enhancement products include headaches, stomach upsets, nasal blockage, dizziness as well as damage to your heart and penis muscles and nerves.

In order to avoid getting harmful drugs and supplements, ensure that they have been approved by the relevant drug evaluation organizations such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Another thing you can do is avoid buying these enhancement drugs over the counter. It is not uncommon for you to misdiagnose your problem and get the wrong treatment. Taking the wrong kind of medicine usually leads to the development of other ailments. Make sure that you see a specialist once you realize you have one problem or the other and get a valid prescription for the drugs you should take. Herbal male enhancement drugs usually have fewerside effects than conventional drugs because they are made from natural substances in their purest forms.

One of the most serious side effects of male enhancement drugs is known as priapism that causes the penis to remain erect for hours on end. It is common with drugs designed to counter erectile dysfunction. Priapism occurs when the blood gets trapped in the penis and cannot be drained out after the sexual activity. It is an excruciating experience that has been known to last over four hours. These pills are normally designed to enhance flow of blood into the penis, but when complications arise, the sudden increase in blood flow could affect a lot more than your penile region. It could exert pressure and stress on the flow of blood in other vital organs such as your heart and even your brain. Any interference with the blood flow to these two vital organs could lead to fatal results such as a stroke or heart attack.

Other side effects common with male enhancement drugs include vision problems, hearing impairment and shortness of breath, restlessness, insomnia and seizures.