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Registered nurseEveryone knows that a career as a registered nurse is the real deal but what many people may not know is how to qualify to become a registered nurse. It is not hard and the room for growth in the career is simply amazing. To qualify, one will of course have to start at the entry level positions. All nurses will definitely have to start here and all nurses will practice as RN. It is not hard to qualify for entry into this field but at the same time, relevant education and training are required. A few years ago, with a diploma in nursing, one will qualify for entry level RN and so will and associates or bachelors degree in nursing holder.

The level of advancement in nursing is very high and therefore today, you will find that most employers require one to have at least an associate’s degree in nursing. In nursing, there can be no learning on the job. One has to be in class for the class programs and then later on, they will train in a hospital setting as part of the education program. Among some of the subjects that one will learn in class include anatomy, nutrition, chemistry, microbiology, some behavioral sciences and many others.

After all the class work and on the job training, one will not yet become a Registered Nurse before they have acquired their nursing license. In the US, one will have to sit a computerized test designed to gauge the skills that a nurse should have and the knowledge that they learn in class. The questions will usually be between 75 and 265 in number. After passing this test, one will get their license to practice nursing. An entry-level registered nurse may not earn as much as the experienced nurses. Compared with many other careers, the annual entry-level salary of $43,000 is good enough. A RN will find many opportunities for growth and advancement in the job.